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Meet the Team

 Teddy Fitzgibbons, Founder


After graduating from college, Teddy moved to New York in the summer of 2014 and is currently a member of Bain Capital Ventures. Startled by the extent of homelessness in NYC, he searched for a way to make an impact in his new city. He began his work with the homeless by buying an extra breakfast sandwich on his walk to work each morning to hand out along the way. Looking to reach more people in need, he partnered with the rest of the team and together they started Hearty Start in January of 2015. Teddy grew up in Kansas City and attended Middlebury College (VT), where he was captain of the men's tennis team and studied Economics, Physics and Spanish. 

Breakfast sandwich of choice: Bacon, Egg and Cheese 

Derrick Walker


Derrick joined Hearty Start in 2020 and has personally distributed more than 35,000 meals and counting! Walker is the backbone of our organization, he exudes passion and compassion, and we would be nowhere without his heroic contributions. 

For Derrick, this is more than an employment opportunity, it's personal. A long time New Yorker, he has battled homelessness himself. With a little help from the shelter system, his will to overcome personal obstacles has landed him back on his feet. He is an inspiration to the entire team. 

Breakfast Sandwich of Choice: Egg and Cheese