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Hall of Fame

Every single meal we've distributed and thankful smile we've earned is a direct testament to the hard work and sacrifice of our team. Our Hall of Fame honors the volunteers and team members who have made remarkable and irreplaceable contributions to our organization, and laid the strong foundation for Hearty Start's continued impact on the lives of the homeless and hungry!

Cheers to the GREAT EGGS!


Konig Chen

Konig joined Hearty Start as a sophomore in college and wasted no time in improving our operation. Konig served as our Distributions Program Director and helped build our delivery operation from the ground up. He never actually admitted to skipping class to feed the homeless instead, but unless Konig can be in two places at once.... 

Breakfast Sandwich of Choice: Bacon, Egg and Cheese

Josh Gelinas

Josh is a socially minded fundraiser and project coordinator with previous experience building a non-profit from the ground up. Josh served as Hearty Start's Program Director of Fundraising, a role that suited both his attention to detail and ambitious appetite for growing our organization. We're a lean, mobile operation, but if we had lights to keep on, he'd be the reason we could do so! When he isn't wearing a cape and serving the community, Josh is pursuing a career in law and is proud graduate of NYU. 

Breakfast Sandwich of Choice: Sausage, Egg and Cheese

Alex Mines

Alex joined the Hearty Start team after interning in New York before attending college and was basically on board from day one. A brilliant big-thinker, Alex couldn't resist the opportunity to bring breakfast to New Yorkers in need. He put his talents to good use as our Head of Strategic Development. What a stud! 

Breakfast Sandwich of Choice: Literally anything. He's an omnivore. 

Harrison Smith

Harrison, our youngest co-founder, was affectionately referred to as the 'intern' among the team, although he was anything but. Harrison helped us with our digital presents and we continue to benefit from the impact of his work early on! 

Breakfast Sandwich of Choice: Bacon, Egg and Cheese

Charlotte Mines

Charlotte is a young entrepreneur who decided to pour her passion into helping Hearty Start feed the homeless. Lucky us! Originally from Massachusetts, Charlotte is well traveled, well spoken and has a natural knack for telling a story. In addition to coordinating PR and managing our social media, she focused on growing our meal plan program (spoiler alert: it grew a ton!)

Breakfast Sandwich of Choice: Bacon, Egg and Cheese

Li Tang

Li Tang was our first Director of Finance and Operations and the sure-fire answer when someone on our team asked "but does anyone here actually know how to do that?" What makes Li so darn good at his job is that he sees the world in terms of sandwiches and smiles, not just credits and debits. During normal business hours, Li works in AIG Asset Management.  

Breakfast Sandwich of Choice: Egg and Cheese (he's a minimalist)

A Special Thanks To:

Arielle Aurrichio - Co-founding member and initial website design manager. She helped Hearty Start build and launch our website and e-commerce platform. 

Alex Register - Lead designer and all around operational guru.

Jaime Pessin - Adviser and mentor. She graciously offered her time and experience to spearhead our communications initiatives.