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Our Promise to you

A sandwich donated is a sandwich delivered

We know that there are many many great causes out there, and we want you to feel confident that your donation will make a difference. That's why we promise 3 things:

1. We promise that the type of sandwich that you donate will be the type of sandwich that we deliver. After all, what fun would this be if you didn't actually get to donate your favorite sandwich? 

2. We promise that 100% of donated sandwiches will reach someone in need. If we are unable to distribute all of the ordered sandwiches within a reasonable time, we will take the remaining, still-fresh sandwiches to homeless shelters where we know they'll go to good use. Nothing wasted!

3. We promise to treat everyone we meet, regardless of their situation, addiction or illnesses, with a big, loving smile. We're all in this together, so spread the love!